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     At one time Buchov was just a farming community, and in the past sheep were grazed here, it was a place where grain was stored for the local community,  and a knacker was based in the hamlet. The name “Buchov”  appears twice in the locality. The second, older, settlement is located near Miličín, by the road to Tábor. It was the seat of Zbyněk of Buchov, one of the four Hussite sheriffs. It is  likely that the founders of the more recent Buchov came from the fortified manor in Miličín.
     The name “Buchov” first appears in written records in 1413, when ”Beneš of Buchov”’ is mentioned. The name Buchov originally meant Buch’s Farmstead (Buchův dvůr). He set up a farm here, which included land in Holčovice and sites in Čestín, Lažany and Velíš.In 1589 Buchov was the seat of Jan Sladký of Peclinovec, later becoming the property of the Chobotský Family of Ostředek. In 1669 there was mention of a sheepfold in Buchov. In 1693 Rudolf of Talmberk in Jankov sold part of the Jankov estate and “…Postupice Château and courtyard, Postupice village, the fortified manor and court in Buchov, the villages of Milovanice, Holčovice, Čelivo, and Habrovka and the abandoned château.. “ to his brother Jan, Bishop of  Hradec Králové. The Postupice property was inherited by his nephew Jan František of Talmberk, who in 1699 sold Postupice to Ferdinand František of Říčany, who in 1717 sold it to František Adam of Trautmannsdorf.
     In 1739 there was mention of a knacker called Těsnohlídek, and his trade continued here into the 20th century:  in 1925 a knacker called Kaiser was mentioned. Under an imperial charter of 9 June 1788 a “contribution” granary was set up in Buchov for Milovanice, Čelivo and Holčovice. Grain from such granaries was used in case of a crop failure in the following year.
     Buchov remained part of the Jemniště estate until 1849, when after the administration of the area by the gentry was abolished it became part of the new municipality of Čelivo and with it formed part of the municipality of Postupice after 1970. In 1880 a total of 45 inhabitants lived in Buchov, in four buildings. In 1970 the number of inhabitants dropped to 16; in 2006 there were five people were living there.